This deer was killed in Elmore County, Alabama . I was watching a green patch I had planted in the woods here at home one evening had two does in front of me. I sat and watch them for a while then they left .Two small raccoon came under the tree I was in. Well fun time I made a noise kinda like a squeak they went to looking . They would look up at me I'd be still then they would look around. It was all I could do to keep from laughing .Well I thought one had left so I watch the other one. I heard a scratching sound on the  tree just a few feet away and it was the coon I had lost looking right me . I lost it when I laugh it scared it and they both left . I sat there a while thinking about the coons and getting ready to leave cause I thought I was not going see any thing when I heard a snap this deer had walk in behind me how he didn't smell me I'll never know . He came on by when he got around me enough I shot he drop like a rock. Now this was fun day of hunting for me. I took this deer with a 30-06