This buck was kill in Macon County, Alabama I had been seeing a drove of does in a field on some the land where I work. When does days came guess where  I was .That's right waiting on some deer steaks . Well they all came out right on time 7 does and 9 smaller ones . I pick out the biggest one and shot about 200 yards she hit the ground  got up and ran a little bit into the woods .I knew I had hit her good through the lungs (saving meat) . All the other deer ran straight to me I was sitting on the edge of the field in the trail they were headed for when I thought they were going to run over me I had to stand up and yell at them. When I did that they scattered after laughing at all the fancy maneuvering I went to get my doe but when I found her she was not a her its was spike. Oh well he ate good any way. I took this deer with a 7mag