This is my nephew josh he is 9 years old .97-98 season was his first time to hunt with a gun . I fixed him up with my old 410 single shot . I let him shoot it lot before he went hunting with it but squirrels are a lot different than paper and cans. On his first hunt we seen over 20 and he shot a box of shell. The 410 he was using was giving to me by my grandparents when I was 5. I'm 38  now so the little 410 is still getting them We only got to go a few times but he went turkey hunting with me a few times  in the spring . He seen more turkeys than I did. Id set him up in front of me so I would sound further away so a lot of the turkeys i never seen He almost got one but they seen him and left .We did get one that mourning another gobbler came in about 15 minutes later. The gobbler came in my way and  josh couldn't shoot but he seen him coming to me when I shot him. Josh laughed about how the turkey ran to me .The turkey had heard the other turkeys gobbling  and was trying to get there first I guess. I'll be glad when he can move up to a bigger gun maybe next year.