the next best thing to hunting is talking about it so here we go . it was foggy , you say how foggy , it was so foggy all you had to do was open your mouth and walk forward to get a drink of water . any way i got up , got ready but wasn't in a hurry to get there and was a little late . when i got about 30 yards to where i wanted to set up the turkeys still hadn't flown down yet. i gave the old tom a little fly down talk while hitting my hands on my legs .Well the old gobbler just loved that , as i moved to where i wanted to get he fly down and just went crazy gobbling. As i got set up i gave him a soft , low call . well he loved that and he was ah coming right on to me . when he got too where i could tell what he was he stop and started looking around trying to find that honey he had heard . As he strutted for all he was worth he turned his back to me and i gave him a low purr . he came out of the strut and came on to me . at about 30 yards i shot him and he hit he ground but he didn't stay there . he came off the ground and flew straight up and for about 25 yards into some thick cover. i couldn't get another shot the pine tops were too thick .I heard him when he hit the ground and started looking for him . when i found him his head and neck was in a mess he was hit so many times you couldn't count the pellet holes . how this gobbler done this ill never know cause he was dead where i shot him . one things for sure since this happened i don't take my eyes off the turkey or relax till he is in my hands cause that split second could have last me a nice turkey.

stay safe,,,good luck