"The Wall"

In Washington D.C. a monument stands
to those who lost their lives in Vietnam
Their names are carved in black granite.
The survivors named it... the Wall
This story is dedicated to all those heros
and we pledge we'll never forget..

Verse I

I saw him standing all alone that night
staring at the wall
There were so many names to try and read
But he searched through them all

Then he spotted a wilted flower
That someone had wedged in a tiny crack
It was by a name that he seemed to know
He smiled as he stepped back

Then I watched him reach out
and touch the flower with a calloused hand
with tears in his eyes he whispered
God, help me understand


He was a lonely soldier
drifting from day to day
caught in between two worlds trying to find his way

Somebody's restless hero
Making his final call
He had a special reason
for coming ...to the Wall.

              Verse 2

I walked up and asked his name
He told me "I'm Billy Rowe"
He was dressed in a ragged uniform
Said he fought in Vietnam a long, long time ago

He said,"My life has been so confusing"
But I'm trying to make the change
It's just I miss my wife so very much
Then what he said seemed strange

He said"You know, all my old friends are here
I can see now the time is finally right
Then he turned and said goodbye to me
and walked into the night

                    Repeat Chorus

I felt a force pull me to the Wall
to tell me something I should know
and the I saw that wilted flower
as it begin to grow

I could now plainly see the name
from so many years ago
one of many killed in Vietnam
Private Billy Rowe

I guess for some it's not easy
the love they have lives onBut that night
Pvt. Billy Rowe
Finally found his home