This deer was killed in Macon County, Alabama.It was late january and hot mid 70 about 1:30 .I was hunting land where I work and walk in between the interstate and a big swamp I got set up and started to grunt .On the first grunt this buck stood up and look right at me .He was about 40 yards away I froze with the call at my mouth until he walk behind a tree . I aimed and shot he took off on his chest. I had broke both shoulders and he still went 75 yards into the swamp . I had to follow the muddy trail he left in the dead water. When I found him he was in about three feet of water .It took me almost 3 hours to get him to the truck . The mud was thick in the swamp I would grab him by the horns and throw him as far as I could .Then I'd get myself unstuck and throw again. If you noticed I wore my tennis shoe that day rubber boots don't do to good in that  kind of mud. I took this deer with a 7 mag