This deer was killed in Macon County , Al.  Nov. 21 1999 . With a Ruger 7mag.
I had  went hunting that morning and seen a small six point at home in Elmore county and hunted till 7:30 then left for work . I cut cotton stalks until around 4:00 and knock off for the evening to hunt . I got in a tree stand that over look a corner of a field that was thick with small planted pines , weeds , biars and I could also see down a old logging road that went into the woods . A little while after I settled in a spotted fawn came in and feed all around my stand and I watched him for a good 30 minutes . When I noticed some thing move in the planted pines at first I thought it was the fawns mom .  As I watch the deer in the pines I thought it was mighty big for a doe and thought I seen antlers . When the deer move out of the real thick stuff I put the scope on it and could tell it was a buck , a poor antlered buck so I shot him. This kind of bucks is the reason I don't like "point limits" on bucks if we were under a three point rule this buck would have been illegal to kill . I think bucks like this one should be culled from the herds ( at least here , this is a three/four year old buck )


i shot the buck , he hit the ground . The fawn that I had been watching didn't know what had happened and had just laid down when I got down from the stand to go to the buck I walked five yards from the fawn and he just laid there and never moved  ,,,,,, you know one of them ,,,, I'd give a hundred dollars for a camera moments .