i cant hunt yet so ill write a story , here goes. this was a few years ago we were breaking ground on the farm i work on when turkey season in . the boss and a couple of others fellows were harrowing ahead of me and one of his sons . me and his son was a day or two from being it the field that they were in then (we were pulling V RIPPERS ). any way the boss told me that he had seen a good gobbler in a set aside field where they were at . so the next mourning i thought id try him out. i got there and set up in a hedge row between the two fields where the gobbler had been and i started calling and the place just busted open with turkey sounds . wasn't long i had 16 turkeys 20 yards away hoping ever minute i didn't get spotted by the 12 hens and 4 jakes that were there . i hadn't call for a while but i could hear the gobbler i thought i was after gobbling and coming closer . wasn't long ole big boy came around the field to where i could see him , he was about 100 yards away. i thought to my self if the hens head to him ill kill me a jake and head home he he . well the gobbler would stop and strut bout ever 15 yards but he was coming and i starting thinking i might just kill him .well at about 60 yards all hell broke loss turkey went flying ever where the hens flew over me so close i could have reach up and grab one the jakes and my big boy flew the other way . well while all this was going on i spotted the coyote that was causing my problem and feed him a load of #4 shot at 10 yards which solved a future problem. well that's the hunt , aint nothing a sure thing and aint turkey hunting fun.
stay safe & good luck